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Insurance approved advance tow system

This system alerts crews ahead of problems becoming an incident, and allows more
favourable insurance terms, allowing yachts to tow at night, further distances and in
more extreme conditions. Featuring a robust VHF based telemetry link backed up by
Iridium between tender and yacht. Crews can monitor the tender on and off tow on a
private network. Constant monitoring of the tender include Battery level, Bilge Level,
Bilge Pump activity, Pitch, Yaw and Roll.

  • Towing mode and Monitoring mode

  • Continuously streams live information to a yacht


  • Bridge from tenders whether in use or on tow.

  • Alerts on individual tender data can be set by user (Bilge,

  • Battery etc.)

  • Local Geofence setting in case of adrift.

  • Can be interfaced easily with existing chart plotter on a
    yacht bridge

  • Can be interfaced with existing Alarm Management System (AMS) of
    the yacht.

  • Transmits data free via VHF and uses satellite as a
    back up.

  • Should a tow line break:

    • Immediate alert to the bridge via VHF​

    • It turns itself into a class B AIS, broadcasting its position

    • Iridium Transponder starts broadcasting the tenders position and
      sends information to the crew.


Install Videos


TowPro - Yacht:

TowPro Bridge Display unit (HMI/Screen)
TowPro DataTraq-Y unit (VHF)
M12 5-way 1m cables (NMEA2000)
M12 12-way 1m cable
AIS/VHF Antenna splitter
Actisense Backbone

TowPro - Tender:

TowPro Processor unit (HMI/Screen)
TowPro DataTraq-T unit (VHF + AIS + Iridium)
TowPro Interface unit
M12 5-way 1m cables (NMEA2000)
Deutsch cables
Tender Processor Bracket
GNSS/Iridium Antenna
Heavy-duty VHF/AIS Antenna
TowPro Loom
LED Status lights

Kit Includes

bridge display.png
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