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Nauti-Tech Systems

Nauti-Tech Systems is dedicated to designing, prototyping, and building electronic products for the marine industry. Our in-house hardware, software, and prototyping facilities allow us to provide custom solutions to even the most difficult issues. We pride ourselves on being able to design and build custom products, as well as being able to reverse engineer solutions for obsolete components. Our team of engineers is well versed in system analysis, system repairs, and component level repairs. Nauti-Tech Systems specializes in monitoring and control, communication systems, and power management. We are constantly innovating to deliver the best-in-class technology to our customers, allowing them peace of mind when using their vessel.


You can learn more about our products by visited our dedicated products website:




Nauti-Tech is a certified MARPOWER supplier. SPC-II Shore Power Converter. This air-cooled system converts all shore power and frequency into a high-quality, reliable and safe onboard power supply


NBK2 Iso-Boost Controller

Retrofit for IsoBoost or PM3 transformers as well as any other marine isolation transformer brand or model with our NBK2 kits.

nauti-stat resized 200_0.png


The Nauti-Stat™ MP 3V Marine WiFi Thermostat is a direct drop-in replacement for the Frigit™ MAC-PRO Series up to 3V/2. It uses all existing wiring connections and provides identical functionality ...


TowPro by TSM-Systems​

TowPro, The Advanced Tender Tow System, enables captains to prevent losses, reduce insurance claims, and continuously monitor.
Bilge Pump activity, Pitch, Yaw and Roll.



FAST PMS operates fully automated seamless transfers, starts & stops generators and switches to shore source when they become available. It also combines the shore cords to better balance the loads and manages polarity correction and safe disconnect.

Nauti-Combiner SPM K Series.png

SPM Series

Combines two shore cords into a single feed to power single or dual load bus systems. It balances the load on both shore cords and eliminate the need for power management in most cases.


nbk2 retrofit.png

Hubbell Boost Transformer

Hubbell Marine has expanded its line of state-of-the-art Isolation Transformers with two new models enhanced with Auto-Boost. Now, in addition to safeguarding against stray current that c...


YQ100 Plus

Hubbell Marine’s newly redesigned 100 amp “intelligent” adapter can nowely power a boat’s 100 amp 125/250 volt AC shore power cable set fromo 50 amp 125/250 volt AC receptacles at docksid...

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