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Good reads on the current state of the Yacht Industry

For those looking to have a better understanding of the current trends in the yacht industry here are some articles that are worth taking a look at:


Trends in the Leisure Marine Industry


First up is a look at METSTRADE’s take on the upcoming trends in leisure yachting. It shouldn’t surprise you that the trajectory of the industry is trending towards a more environmentally conscious design and hybrid or all electric propulsion. 


What’s Trending in Superyacht Technology


With the rapid advancement of technology, superyacht owners are trying hard to keep up with the pace. Most people would like to have the same luxuries they have on land out at sea and with the development of 5G and new-generation VSAT [very small aperture terminal – a compact, two-way satellite antenna] soon will be standard on most ships. In fact, we at Nauti-Tech specialize in doing such installations and have collaborated with FMC GlobalSat to distribute and install the Kymeta mtenna


11 of the Coolest Submarine-carrying Superyachts


The latest must-have gadget to have on board a superyacht is a submarine. Amongst all the other water vehicles that are common like jet skis, submarines can open a whole new world of exploration for yacht owners. Some of the latest designs are capable of carrying up to 6 guests and dive below 1000 feet. 


How Marinas can Prepare for the Future of Electric Engines


Many countries are moving towards either limiting or outright banning internal combustion engines and pushing consumers towards more environmentally friendlier options such as electric or hydrogen powered engines. Since all yachts have a battery and power system in place all marinas have outlets at the docks making the transition to electric engines seamless.